Sunday, 1 November 2015

Music - The Song Of Life

Oh Viola -

Vast as the midnight sky of a lark,
You set free the many varied song in me.
For you are the voice of my heart.
Soft as the dark cello - sultry you start,
Sweet as violin, but ne'er so sharp,
Poetry without words you beget me..

And a soul -
Your spirit revives the dance without end,
As you lead the harmonies or change them.
As melodies rise and melancholia sighs,
Your spiccato vibrato is breathless.
Symphonic sounds and folk skip arounds,
You give my day life new meaning.

You sing -
As dark falls before dawn to your vibrance i'm drawn,
And all nature is joyful beside us.
Of horse hair and resin we ride the bow,
Across bridge chase the music - both the high and the low.
Seasoned spruce, summers maple, willow for blocks,
You bloom in eternities field - beyond all worldly clocks.

Let's go -
A path I can follow is the one that you lead,
As together we intone our delight.
Unravelling sense - scaling dreams, hopes and joys,
Descending to passions from these to arise.
You are my very special friend,
Lets stay together and the world ammend.

C Titus.L 201

I wish that everybody had the opportunity to learn and play a musical instrument,  because with a creative and expressive element to our lives such as music/art/poetry, our lives are so much richer. Not least that the arts are known to be restorative,  that they provide a space for people to recharge their spirits, they are also an invaluable aspect of every culture both exploring it's themes and celebrating them.

Truly, without the arts a culture could hardly be called civilised at all and I in no way mean this in any pretentious way,  pop arts,  folk arts -  all forms are equally valid. Art for arts sake is the cure our modern society needs to guide hearts and souls away from a grim relentless drive for the dollar or pound which devalues anything not commercial -  our lives, our sorrows and joy's are priceless and to celebrate this with music, song and the arts is practically a spiritual heritage of humanity.

With a song in our hearts to lift us, with music we really can change our quality of life, change our priorities of what matters on life,  change our communities and society -  with music we can change the world.

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