Monday, 13 April 2015

The Flying Mystics of Tibet & The Art Of Flying

The urge to fly has transfixed human imagination with an irresistible charm for millennia.
In Buddhist thought, flight is within our potential as human beings, with advanced spiritual development come supernatural powers such as flying, levitation, or the ability to walk through the sky as some walk on a mountain path. Traditional Tibetan literature tells of many Buddhist mystics who have taken off in joyful flight.

Origin of Language by Alex Gray

Witches Flying to Sabbath, by Bernard Zuber

By contrast, both Shamanic and Witches flight is traditionally, although by no means always, facilitated by use of diverse herbs, ointments or potions, to bring about a trance-gateway with access into other psycho-spiritual realms for discourse with deities or archeiving control of some aspect as its objective.

The key differentiating factor between these modes of meditative and magical flying would appear to be the intentional use of mind in the magical to acheive the stated aims of mind, whilst target of mind is absent from the meditational because the participant has moved outside the dualities of cause and effect, of being and becoming, there is no objective.

Flying is a metaphor for being grounded in the present and not occluded behind layers of obfuscation and mental distractions; freedom is just another word ~

We hope you enjoy your flight with Celestial Elf Skyways ~

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