Thursday, 19 March 2015

Dark Dragons - Bright Eclipse

Friday March 20th sees a new-moon ‘supermoon’, total solar eclipse and the spring equinox all falling on the same day, which is a very rare astronomical event and has the potential to stir up some powerful energetic shifts for our personal and collective transformations.

For as long as humans have existed, solar eclipses have always caused wonder and sometimes fear as the sun is enveloped in darkness. In many ancient cultures it was believed that the sun was being attacked by a dragon or mythological creature. People made as much noise as they could to scare the dragon away. It wasn’t all bad though, in Tahiti it was believed that the sun was making love with the moon and in Italy it is believed that flowers planted during a solar eclipse are brighter and more colorful than flowers planted any other time of the year.

Some people also fear dragons, particularly in the West where they have been represented as evil creatures intent on selfish ends and wanton destruction. Yet dragons - even those seen in the dark, are in fact physical manifestations of the multi dimensional aspects of our higher selves...

The origin of the word dragon has been traced to the greek word 'derkein' which means sharp sighted one. Dragons have always been a source of wonder and are often employed as a symbol of hope and purity. Notorious riddle masters, they are known to be wise, they are also sentinels of sacred shrines and guardians of treasures beyond understanding - I hasten to add that these are not material treasures but metaphysicial, psychological and spiritual treasures to be given when the time is right. Such influence of the dragons can be seen way back in history as in Babylonian myth a dragon was believed to have aided the creation of the world and the gods.

Dragons are messengers of magic and mystery, encouraging us to tap into our psychic nature and see the world through our inner eyes. They are guides who help us cross realms the betwen worlds, never making an appearance - figuratively, symbolically or spiritually -without serving a higher purpose, dragons as an emanation of our higher self are one of the most powerful of nature spirits and offer humans the opportunity for transformation, psychic development and protection. Setting Jung, Freud and the christian perspectives aside for a moment, counter to their advice that we defeat our dragons to acheive liberation from the unconscious, or to tear freedom from the mother archetype, or to be deemed good by a patriarchal god, I suggest that we listen to the dargons, that we learn what they have to tell us.

This eclipse is particularly auspicious as it falls on the vernal equinox, long been celebrated by nearly all world cultures as a time of rebirth, fertility and new opportunities, known by many pagans now as was Ostara' the early Pagan Germanic Goddess of the spring. This festival was also celebrated by the Mayans, ancient Romans, and by the ancient Egyptians as the festival of Isis. It is believed that this Pagan fertility holiday eventually transitioned to become the Passover ceremony in Judaism and the Easter ceremony in Christianity. Modern Pagans and peoples of many different faiths and denominations still celebrate the spring equinox as a time of fertility, growth, and the returning of the creative energies of the divine feminine.

In the Eclipse then as the dragon devours the sun, symbolic of our consciousness - our day dies a death - and in descent into darkness, symbolic of unconsciousness - there is peace. Do not fight the unconsciousness and do not fear it - accept the vastness beyond measure and be still in the heart of yourself. The birds fall silent,  the world pauses as it opens to wonder for a moment, taken outside of ourselves we consider the greater cycles of the Earth we share. This is a perfect time to examine our hearts and lives, to lay aside old behaviours that no longer serve our higher selves and old associations whose time is passed. This is the time to let our dragons, be they metaphysical, invisible or otherwise, to grant a natural death to the ways whose time is over, time to accept the power to live with greater awareness and with joy.

If we choose to move out of the old, fear based paradigms based on the missunderstandings of the past, we can begin the shift into a brighter consciousness, follow our dragon guides toward a higher awareness - realise that we are all connnected, that all of life is sacred, the earth irreplaceable and that everything matters even when it dosent.

So, on this auspicious day of the vernal equinox eclipse, take yourself to a sacred place or enter into your inner space and commune with your dragons, your other self and with all the dragons that can only be seen through the eyes of the heart and the mind inbetween. Then awaken and rise as the Sun returns you to your bright blessed Now, to the gift of your life full of wonder...

nb the practice of dragon awareness and empowerment can be carried out at other times than Equinox, Solstice or Eclipses, i'd recommend twilight when the paths between realms are within reach ~

Our bodies are made from the Earth, Our spirits are spun from the Stars,
After the Darkness of knowing, the Light of new growing is ours ~


  1. Well written article on The Dragon. In India the eclipse "demon" is known as Rahu, and the Tibetans tamed him/her into Rahula, a protector. So the day before the new moon and at eclipses i do a puja to Rahula for protection from disaster, protecting my spirit, soul, mind, heart, body, pets, house, car and property. I am going to reblogg this so TY and Blessings.

    1. Thanks blausternschlonge thats great to know about Rahula - glad you liked the post too :)