Thursday, 15 October 2015

''Man'' - an environmental poem for our times.

Photograph co Laurence Winram
In the style of Ted Hughes 'Crow'
An environmental poem for our times.

Man - Blacker Than Ever

When Man turned towards earth,
He saw everything on it,
All the creatures alive now and alive no longer,
The dying and dead were expanding,
Eveything was falling apart,
And man was disgusted with man.

But Man nailed everything together.
He made the words which said everthing was alright,
He made countless pictures which showed the rightness of the everythings,
He made many museums and great galeries where he displayed the bones, skulls and skins of things,
The things he had killed and eaten.
Nailing heaven and earth together.

And so man declared himself a great thing.
The greatest of everything,
All other things should fall before his greatness,
And they did.

Then earth cried out...
With one voice from every tongue,
From every mouth of all the everythings that still remained,
Proclaiming the actual horror of man,
A horror beyond redemption.

Man did not listen - he was already the great thing, and heeded nomore.

Yet man could not be man without the earth and the many things,
Without the myriad millions of other people and species,
Man too would be finished.

Earth's agony
Crying: “This is my Creation,”
Flying the empty flag of himself.

c. Titus L 2015.

Remember the ancestors and the ones who have gone before,
Fallen to mankind by climate change and more -
Increasing with speed the tide of fallen begins to roar,
Here are a few of the most recent and there are many more....
Golden Toad (1989),
Zanzibar Leopard (1996)
Po'ouli bird(2004)
Madeiran Large White Butterfly)(2007)
Tecopa Pupfish (1982)
Pyrenean Ibex (2000)
West African Black Rhino (2006)
Javan Tiger (1979)
Spix's Macaw (2004)
Round Island Burrowing Boa (1975)
Dutch Alcomn Blue Butterfly (1979)
Pinta Island Tortoise (2012)
Baiji River Dolphin (2006)
Tasmanian Tiger ( 1936)
Caribbean Monk Seal (1952)
Christmas Island Pipistrelle (2009)
Yangtze River Dolphin (2006)
Chinese Paddlefish (2007)

These Animals Have All Gone Extinct In The Last 100 Years, look here...

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