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An Imaginative biography, in the third person, past tense.

Into a diverse lineage of iconoclasts and free thinkers, Celestial Elf was born under the protectorate of the United Kingdom for reasons best known to Her Royal Majesty's Cartographers and historians of Empire.

Celestial Elf's father held a post in the Navy and was therefore seldom seen by his family other than by written word in his fantastic letters from the frozen polar wastes or further afield. He was nevertheless a remarkable wood carver, a prodigious poet and a speculative philosopher. Elf's mother, also human but with a potency of spirit seldom seen this side of the beyond,  had a proclivity for romantic painting, classical music and psychology which she practiced on her clients over a number of years.

Amongst the other characters peopling his restless imagination, Elf's great great grandfather was, in one timeline, a renowned Russian gentleman and author whose criticism of the orthodox religion of his day and liberal views, saw him dismissed from the Ministry of Education, which paradoxically freed him to persue his literary career. Elf's great great grandmother, by contrast, was a Mongolian 'princess' (although I have my doubts), renowned for her excellent boots and for smoking her pipe as she rode bareback across the Russian Steepes - maybe that was just another of the many tales he had been told to as a child when the days were dark and the nights were longer.

Dakinis by by Soyolmaa Davaakhuu - Ulaan Bataar

Growing up in Englands rural idylls, Celestial Elf developed a love of country ways through his adventures in the farms, forests and fells, as well as from tales that sometimes crept and sometimes burst out of dusty old tomes overflowing with medieval Giants, Roman ghosts at ancient wells and the casting of somewhat supernatural spells. He learned to ride both cattle and horseback, to tickle trout from the river, to avoid adders, ensnare lizards (without their tales dropping off !!), to capture frogs for frog races and to dance through fields of burning stubble - all very serious undertakings.
He also attended schools in such locations until he was seventeen, a year at Art College, followed by a Degree in Arts and Humanities under the honourable Master Griffin, which concluded his formal education.

In the formless fullness of time and of the time between time and indeed IN both the beyond and the after time, he married the delightful daughter of a chief engineer from Cumbria, with whom he had care of two children - the marriage happy and lasting. Celestial Elf and Wendy Elf the Elfwife continued to travel throughout England, from the undiscovered South to the unimaginable North and all the postindustrial-wilder lands between....

Of the mundane history, Celestial Elf acheieved a Degree under Master Griffin, followed a chequered profession as a wine merchant, developed a career of civic commitment and finally embraced his true calling as spokesperson for nature, for wildlife of all sorts..

Always a voracious reader of both books as well as natures omens of stars and winds, rivers and reeds, birds and bees and many more than these - Celestial Elf developed an awareness of natures fine balance and the tragic consequences of destroying the environments ecosystems. He realised that to feed 'business' extrodinary ethic of perpetual growth from finite resources was to destroy the Earth that sustains us all, to debase this shinning jewel of creation in the infinity of the cosmos and to loose countless irreplacable species forever. Clearly the madness of mankind must be checked - at this point Celestial's allegiance shifted from humano-centric to encompass all of life-kind and as such his status as an Elf was realised.

Laurie Lipton - Splendor Solis -The Black Sun

Celestial Elf had always had a powerful interest in the alternately sublime and grotesque turns of human knowledge - of comparative theology, psychology and existential philosophy, being less 'spiritual' and more folkloric than many of his contemporaries, preferring the axiom 'to live at all is miracle enough'. Celestial Elf attempted to share a deep compassion for the natural world, its symbiotic communitarian structure and the rich tapestry of drama enacted through its ever turning cycles, the great wheel of life.

Thus was born the beginning.....

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