Sunday, 9 February 2014

Open Letter to Physical-Materialist Psycho-Spiritual Reductionist Rationalists Everywhere;

Who Art Thou White Face by Leonara Carrington

I cannot dance with your machine,
Without a heart it has no dream.
I cannot welcome exploitation,
Of Earth and people - spirits desecration.

Open your heart and we will greet you,
Step within to find life anew.
More magic than your plastic kind,
The infinite heart - compassion renew.

We will be patient while you wonder,
On this small world, outpost of the way.
But heed the divine entwined about all you,
And come join our dance - whilst you still may.

Turn away strange fears and desire to control,
Let children of Earth - sacred nature evolve.
Remember your place, as guest and guardian,
In the many layered multiverse - the cosmological garden.

c.Celestial Elf 2014.


  1. As a Physical-Materialist Psycho-Spiritual Reductionist Rationalist, thank you. It is a good reminder :)